Ep5 (SVE) Inför Super Bowl 2019 - Om amerikansk fotboll i Sverige idag

February 2, 2019

Sverige har Super Bowl-feber och många snackar amerikansk fotboll. Men hur fungerar sporten egentligen? Och hur ser den amerikanska fotbollen ut i Sverige idag? 

Hör Kalle och Fingal från Göteborg Marvels berätta om allt från stormatcher i NFL till ledarträning i Borås och om vad amerikansk fotboll har som andra sporter i Sverige saknar. 

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Ep4 (ENG) Meeting Rob Anderson from Athletic Evolution

January 26, 2019

Rob Anderson is a Strength and Conditioning Coach from Edinburgh with a dream that the best coaching expertise should be accessible on grassroots level, where the biggest population of player is, and not just for the elite. To achieve this he founded Athletic Evolution and is now a consultant within NYFA.

Listen to the episode to get to know Rob, his operational methods and the resources of Athletic Evolution. 

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Ep3 (ENG) Meeting Ross Stewart from Northampton Saints Rugby

January 11, 2019

This episode features Ross Stewart, Academy Developer at Northampton Saints Rugby. Ross shares his values concerning youth development and how they are implemented in his work. Apart from this the connection between NYFA and Northampton Saints is explained and of course a discussion is held about football VS rugby. 

Guests: Gabriel Ekbeck, Owen Southgate, Ross Stewart

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Ep2 (ENG) Top 11 reasons kids play sports

January 9, 2019

In this episode we present and comment on the top 11 reasons kids play sports, a list based on a research made by Amanda J. Visek, PhD.


Featured in this episode: Gabriel Ekbeck, Owen Southgate, Karl Lundén, Helder Brito, Rob Anderson. 

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Ep1 (ENG) What is NYFA?

December 8, 2018

Welcome to episode 1 of the "245 - raising the bar" podcast, produced by NYFA Sweden. In this episode you get an introduction to NYFA as well as all three podcast hosts: Gabriel, Owen and Kalle. 

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